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Our Promise

To Carry on our founders legacy and belief to build on customer-centric service experience to provide our customers a reliable and quality service across the transportation industry

Our Story

In the year 1980, Mr. Philip Ang, Founder & Chairperson of Yew Heng Group [YHG] started Yew Heng Motor Company through a small shop house along Changi Road, Singapore.


The name Yew Heng, 友興 came about using his profound believe of “Friendship” & “Happiness”.

Fine reputation for cherishing customers and treasuring the relationships were key factors to success. Building on customer-centric service experience, business boomed and blossomed over many years of persistent tough determination and business expansions.


Today, the company has grown vastly to encompass many areas of the transportation industry and beyond. We continue to embark on Mr. Philip Ang’s vision and believes, coupled with highly innovative approaches to progress and evolve in this ever-changing business world.

Our Heritage

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